Flies for springers

Anyone have suggestions for patterns for spring chinook?
I don't see why Red and Orange colored Yarn Balls wouldn't catch, Egg imitations look like they would work just as well as regular eggs.
there are a few cool ones ive seen in action. idk if it would work for springers because its a fall nook pattern but it should work.. its called a comet. and there are also intruder style flies and clouser minnows. chartruese,blue,orange and pink are money colors.
In alaska they use a blood-sucking leach pattern that is really effective. I guess it would work down here. put dumbell eyes on a large purple wooly bugger and use pink yarn around the dombell. It might be worth a shot.
Yarn or Foam Eggs drifted close to the bottom seems to be the best approach I have come across. I usually use a sinking leader, with a HEAVY Comet tied at the end, and 24 inches or so to the egg. I never worried much about the comet, but I usually try to keep it dark (peacock body with a black collar and tail or something like that); occasionally a chinook will even pick that one up.
Shrimp patterns work well - seen a guy do two springers with in minutes on a white teeny nymph. I think it depend on where, what water your chasin' em in...
Egg sucking leeches in peach. Also swingin spey sized soft hackles. Pink body with purple dub thorax
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