Fishing for Sea - Run Cutthroat Trout by Les Johnson

Thanks Chromatose!
hey troutdude, nice sea run cutthroat fly ya have for your sig pic
They usually have copies for sale at Fisherman's Marine Supply in Oregon City.
mosd said:
hey troutdude, nice sea run cutthroat fly ya have for your sig pic

Thanks MOSD. Good to see you on here again.

The fly is a Borden Special, designed on the Alsea for bluebacks.

I bought some from Mitch at Two Rivers Fly shop in Albany.
Resurrecting an old post...

I just bought a used copy at a Seaside bookstore for $2.00. I have only read a little bit of it but good info so far. For that price I had to buy it.

I've discovered that there is more than one issue of this book. So, does anyone have a preference for which issue/edition of this book to get?
Unless there's an edition newer than 2000, it probably doesn't matter as the gear talked about is what would have been updated. I think mine is about a 1980 edition and those rods/reels are only available as used gear. Most of the spinners/lures are still available. The fly patterns are timeless.
Thanks for your reply. I have plenty of rods and reels older than 1980; and I prefer old school gear in most cases. I like to read about the sport too, so I'll pick a copy and get one.
If you really want to take a trip back in time, pick up a vintage copy of Fishing in Oregon (I bleev that's the title, I can't find my copy to verify). They talk about Carlton Lake bass and perch fishing - looked like a really sweet impoundment. That lake was removed in the early 70's, I think.
Thanks GU, that's a really good idea. I'd bet that Valsetz Lake is in there too...which is also no longer in existence. My dad and Uncle, used to catch all kinds of fish there back in the day.
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