Fishing backpack users?

Greetings to my fishing family ,
I am thinking about getting a fishing backpack and wondered is any one is already ahead of me and how they like it. I am currently rolling out on stealhead with my vest,a large canvas kreel both loaded and 2 rods. I would like to condense everything and free my hands.
Thanx for your help & tight lines - Nimz :cool:
A backpack is a must. I've been fishing out of a backpack for the last 10 years. I thought that when I got my boat i'd give up the backpack, but nope...backpack goes in the boat. Keeps everything together and it's quick and easy to grab for a day on the water.
i use a mossy oak camo backpack i got from wholesale sports...4 compartments and 2 on the side wiith a drink holder.
I love it for most situations. I recommend keeping it light though, it`s hard on the back. I kinda just quit using mine for that reason. If yer going to a hole to plop down and stay awhile, they are AWESOME! Mine`s big enough to throw my limit of springers in it and head for the rig, but almost weightless when empty. You don`t want to be walikn the shores lookin down, bent over, staring, walking, bent, blah, blah, blah.
metalfisher's key words here are 'keeping it light'. Carry enough for changing conditions or methods but don't pack more than you need. I'm not sure what a fishing backpack is but a day pack is about right.:)
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I recently upgraded to the REI Trial 25. It is very light weight, versatile, and hydration compatible. And for 60 bucks, it would be hard to find a better pack. I take my pack every where except trout fishing on the mighty Mo in the heat of the summer, when I travel light.;) One thing about pack fishing I learned recently, is that when you are making a challenging fast water crossing, balance is crucial. With horizontal chest and waist straps, I can eliminate unexpected weight shifts, which can lead to getting wet or worse. As far as packing out my limit of springers, I'll cross that bridge when I get there!!
I was wanting a fishing pack but didn't have or want to drop the cash on one. So I just bought some thin Plano boxes and put them in a pack I already owned. Its the only way to go in my mind when walking a river or stream. I use to bring my tackle box and would end up walking away from it only to have to back track every time. And when I'm in an open area I take my second rod and tuck it in between my back and pack like a ninja:lol:. Still haven't figured the best way when I'm in the trees to get free from the second rod.
kids school packs work good and are cheap. check goodwill and second hand stores, that where I got mine for less than ten dollars each. I found some good quality ones there.
My son got a really nice Beaver (GO BEAVS!!) backpack so I swiped his old great for everything even the salted nut rollls....:D
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