Fish stocking, when to fish ?

So i could not find this answered else where so time to make a account at last and stop lurking... What i would like to know is when is the best time to go fishing after they stock a lake/stream or popular fishing area ? I have saw people say same day... 2 days after... While they are stocking ect! I would have guessed the fish are stunned on stocking day ? But maybe not! Thanks for the replys!
Welcome to the best forum in town...any town. lol As far as fishing for stocked fish,unless you really love crowds and don't mind having your line tangled with six others',you should avoid it altogether on the same day they stock. I have always waited a day or two,but not always gotten a fish lol. It's basically a guessing game just like the rest of fishing until you have enough time spent on the water to gain the knowledge and experience. Until then,read,listen and learn is the best method. Oh, and NEVER GIVE UP!! haha
Yeah the reason i was even considering try it on the first day its stocked is that its practicly in my back yard.. about a 5 min drive.. so even if crowded i do not waste much time checking it out. I honestly did not think they would even bite on the day they are stocked :p But if they do i may just give it a shot lol :p
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Oh,yeah they will bite the first day. That is how they were raised,to strike at anything hitting the water. The lucky ones are the ones in shock swimming away in a daze. Give it a shot and let us know how you do.
Will do :) Thanks for the information
If you know the exact spot they put the fish in fishing can be great right after a stocking. It does take the fish a few days spread out and start exploring the lake. I usually wait a couple days just to let the crowd die down a little bit. Unfortunately with the urban ponds/lakes ODFW doesn't put enough fish in them for the pressure they receive so many of them will literally be fished out in a week or two.

What area are you looking at fishing?
If all go's well this week and Eugene pays this time.. Alton Baker park should be stocked with about 1k fish i think 750 legal and 150 large.. I guess while we are on the topic of fishing for stocked fish.. What do they bite best on ? I have power bait.. have tried over and over to catch a fish on power bait and i NEVER have lol.. Always fall back to worms and catch stuff :p Went to Leaburg lake last week and caught two rainbows 9 and 11 inch both on worms. When all the PB fishers was packing up.
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Worms will work fine. I usually use Powereggs, they are way less messy than Powerbait and seems like it works just as well. Try Chartreuse or Pink Powereggs on a size 6 circle hook, rig it the same way you'd rig Powerbait. Small spinners or spoons should work well too.
Cool thanks for even more information! I decided to pick up the pole again after about 10 years, Needed something to do with lack of job that's been getting me down as of late.. Had to relearn most everything.. And caught my first fish after about a month of trying at Leaburg lake on Friday! Two very tasty fish! Had been 10 years since i have had fresh trout as well :)

I have a couple bait caster poles, that i have no idea how to use, so i have been working my way up to hopefully something bigger then a 11inch trout :p Since they claim to be stocking Alton Baker.. i really want to give that shot too!
Well friend and i caught 10 fish in about 45 mins at Alton Baker, Right Behind Kowloons. A Kind Gentleman gave us some power-bait that had yellow in it since mine was out and got hot and mushy in the 90f weather! Most of them took the bait whole and swallow was a real mess :(
I have actually been fishing before when the truck pulled up to stock the fish. The bite was nothing then as soon as they started pumping them in everyone's rods went crazy. The fish bite was like a wave moving away from the truck. They bite right away. Only downside was the cars started pouring in 15 minutes after the truck so we cleared out.
. It's basically a guessing game just like the rest of fishing until you have enough time spent on the water to gain the knowledge and dresses wholesale I have the power bait.. I have tried to catch the fish on the power bait over and over again.
Just a tip, Power bait should always be kept out of direct sunlight and as cool as possible.
I keep mine in my tackle bag pocket where I can shade it from direct sunlight.
The attractant quality deteriorates quickly in sunlight.
One more thought.
Trout school and will normally circle through an area searching for food items with ellipse that keeps expanding in the direction the school is moving.
If you have Powerbait out in an area for more than 15-20 minutes and are not getting bit, it is either because the trout are not schooling in that area or the depth you are fishing off the bottom is not right.
Trout generally attack baits from underneath so you want to be above the depth they are schooling at. That can be anywhere from 1ft. up to the surface.
Try lengthening your leader 6'' at a time and see if you find the right depth. I usually start off with 18'' above my weight and go up from there, usually not more than 4' though.
Ha. I'm just the opposite. I always start with 4' of leader. Then go shorter. But I've never fished under 18" deep. As, like you mentioned above PT, trout look up for their grubsteak. When I get to 18" I always tear that OFF. Then tie on another 4' of leader (unless they didn't hit at that depth at all).
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