First time for everything!

ol tymer
Finally got to see my grandson, up from California to spend a month or so with his Dad. His first time fishing for trout, my first time trying Fish Lake. Lots of fun. The little guy outfished us all, using white power bait behind a wedding ring. He kept his power bait hidden so the rest of us couldn't use it. Hah!!
nice job, now the little guys probably hooked for life
Glad you got to see the grandson and take him out so he could show you how to fish.
Throbbit _Shane
nice job guys!!!! :D
Right On...Great Job.

The younguns fish Good.

& Beautiful Pics too.
That little dude is one smart Hombre!
Very cool!:clap:
Right on! Looks like he had a great time. Sounds like you did too!
This is where its at and what its all about.... a boy... grandpa.... and a good boat.
fishfor life
This fishing trip with his grandpa he will remember for the rest of his life. Good job on the first time out...:clap::clap:
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