First summer landed this year!!!!

rippin fish lips
So after starting steelheading since april this year, i have hooked 4 steelies and they all got away!
i went out on the morning of 7/17/11 at 8:30 am (late start) only had 3 hours to fish b 4 i had to go to work and still managed to be late cuz of this guy putting up a 10 minute battle running me up and down stream about 50 yards both ways in 4 different runs, ran me through some sticks around some rocks, went air born like crazy, after 10 minutes i finally landed this one, im gunna guess he was around 26- 28 inches. hooked another on (7/18/11) that put up a fight and landed him... bigger then this one, but i will post a report when i get the pic of it. anyways here u guys go!

Nice fish dood
rippin fish lips
thanks! it took so much dedication to get this one, i was out ont he water everyday before and after work annd spent my days off fishign all day!!
Mad dog
Nice bright fish!!! :clap:
eat, sleep, fish
Very nice and congrats on the first one.
Your dedication paid OFF! Don't you just love it when you get a nice fish like this. Just awesome!
rippin fish lips
thanks guys :) i have never caught steel in july, this fish was so salty to!!
Good job . It's fun when they make it difficult for you but you win in the end.
Throbbit _Shane
very nice!! many more to come :D
nice fresh fish man!
nice fishy
Awesome.....keep after em
rippin fish lips
I don't plan on stopping! inked 2 more today. check out the new post
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