First Kokane Fishing Trip

I am going to Green Peter for my first time with my old man and the rest of my family over the 4th of July. My old man and I are the only ones that fish. We have a boat and I was wondering how to do it and what to use. I was also wondering if the fishing would be any good over that time of the year because most people say the fishing is good in late spring and late fall. So I'm not sure. If anyone has tips, that would be great!
Do a slow troll along the dam with an orange wedding ring and some corn or small chunk of worm. We were catching em around 35 to 55 feet but that might change by the 4th. Good luck.
Yep. They may go down deeper by the 4th. If the weather warms up like it should, then the kokes dive down to their comfort range. You typically will need downriggers, to get your gear down to them. They'll generally hold somewhere between 80' and 120' in hot weather.

Troll a small dodger, followed by a hoochie (squid imitation) in pink (or some variation of pink). Or, the old standby...flasher set (Ford Fender, Doc Shelton,etc) a wedding ring tipped w/ a piece of worm and tipped w/ 2 kernels of white corn. And it's important to use a snubber (usually between your flasher set/dodger and your spinner/bait).

You can also learn a lot, by reading the archived threads on here about Green Peter and the Kokanee fishing section. Good luck.
I have had good luck using R&K Spinner hoochies in lime green with a tint of pink or red on the tail. I put the hoochie behind a small dodger (silver or hammered silver), tie the hoochie about 1 to 1.5 times the length of the dodger Then tip the hooks with shoepeg corn (not just regular canned corn). I mix up batches of this shoepeg corn with scents ahead of time. Seems like the "anise" and "kokanee" scents work best for me, especially the "anise".

You can get these hoochies at the True Value hardware store located just as you about to leave Sweet Home. It will be on the right side of the highway as you head towards GP. I think it's Hoyt's True Value.

Use a fishfinder, and downriggers if you have them and look for fish. I have had good luck around the side of the lake from the floating outhouse to the point on the main lake. But you will just need to look for them or look around to see where all the other boats are fishing, usually a good indicator of fish.

Good luck and great fishing
Good suggestions. But, may I add one more?

Don't overlook Dan Dee Sporting Goods. They are on the left (north) side of Hwy. 20 just as you enter Sweet Home (heading east to GP, and across the road from Thriftway. The peeps in there know their stuff, and have a very good selection of rods, reels, baits, scents etc. for kokes.
Dan-Dee Sales needs to open earlier! What's the deal?
Since this thread is about Kokanee tips; I mentioned Dan Dee. They are very knowledgeable. I agree that they miss a lot of business by opening so late. But, that's not what this thread is about.
I will mention it to Jack, he is the owner and a great guy. Always willing to pass on the fishing news that comes threw his doors
Thanks for the info on Dan-Dees, I'll stop by there on my way out one of these days. I only knew about True Value because I ran into Robbie of R&K spinners and he told me about True Value. I wonder if Dan-Dees carries the hoochies made by R&K?
The last hoochies I bought at Dan-Dee's were made by P-Line
Has anyone tried an APEX Kokanee Killer spoon behind a dodger?
I'll give them a try, thanks for the info
IDK if they have that specific brand. But, they might (at Dan Dee).

You can also try Dey's Bait n' Tackle @ 680 Main Street in Lebanon. They are knowledgeable too...he used to work at GI Joe's for many years.
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