First attempt at making GloBugs

Troutier Bassier
Size #4 Brads Hook. Black Glo bug Yarn...
Any Tips?
lookin good TB,,,the one on the far right looks perfecto
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Troutier Bassier
Thanks, Next ones will be orange and red.
grab some popatop from autofisher,,,,it looks the best
Not bad TB. Four strands works best. Also try adding a piece of thin yarn to the bunch. For instance, 4 strands of peach glo-bug and one piece of thin red yarn. Just another variation to play with. Keep practicing.:)
Try the salmon egg and flame combo...It's deadly. I use two pieces of the salmon egg color and one piece flame. Also there's a color made by globug called Oregon cheese, and I use that with their Steelhead Orange and also with white.
Troutier Bassier
I used 3 strands on them, Because I only had a few feet of yarn. When I get some new bags Ill use 4.

What do you guys do with the leftover yarn? If its too short to put on the hook?
I keep the scraps and will use them in my spawn sacks from time to time.
Look good to me. I have tied them and used them before but never caught anything on them, home made or store bought.
How did you trim yours or did you?
:clap: looks good man.
nice, I was going to make these with only thin yarn. Can you catch trout with em?
Troutier Bassier
Kais said:
nice, I was going to make these with only thin yarn. Can you catch trout with em?
Definetly!! use a smaller hook though like size 8 or smaller! Trout love these things
Doc Crappie
They look good and the more you do the easier and better they will look. Fluorescent Red a must
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