Fall Creek Res. 04-01-2010

Fished for awhile today without any luck. Water was a bit murky and has came up quite a bit since the last time I was there. The Winberry ramp was 1' from being wet. I think the CORPS are really trying to get the lakes full this year after saying they might not be able to. Was a nice day to be on the water even though we didn't get into any fish.

On another note I want to file a petition against the state parks department for ruining another fishery by putting a gate at northshore making a predawn launch or a fish till last legal launch impossible. Looks like the gate isn't opperational but it soon will be. Also wonder how long it will take for them to make it a fee area to pay for the gate and they guy with the key? I can't believe they would do this and they haven't returned my call I made a week ago asking about the recent development they have been doing to the park.
Throbbit _Shane
I like the last picture very cool :D

Looked like a good day to be at the lake, any day at the lake is good though :)
I'd bet money the gate is there to keep the people who ignore the off road signs at night out.
defenitly a nice day looked like there was no clouds out there...the ditch and kirk were on and off sun, bit of wind...lost a monster carp yesterday
Yeah the clouds came and went throught out the day. Too bad about the carp.
That really sucks. 3 or 4 years ago they would let you park in the lot all night to camp out on the lake. I did get a warning last year for doing that anyway. I used the ramp in the park across the lake one June day last year- had to wait in line about 40 minutes to get outa there- rediculous................likely won't go back for a main course- maybe on the way to or from somewhere.

That really bums me out because there are some amazing fish to be caught there in the summer. You have to absorb waterski and wakeboard waves- but the fish bite right in the middle of it all!
Thought I would share these pics. Seasoned trout buttered/seasoned green beans from my aunts garden, and sauteed onions red/white and sauteed canned mushrooms. MMMMMmmmm!
Throbbit _Shane
Looks good andy. Now im ready for lunch.
Yeah I had a late breakfast but I gave one trout away and still have one plus when you skin them some meat stay on the skin and i peel it back off so i have a nice pile off belly/rib trimings. Now I have to cook it for lunch, see what you did.
Yep, looks mighty tasty. We use Country Crock too.

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