eels on the coast

i just got back from rockaway, and i caght some small eels in the tide pools. i was wondering if you can eat these, and what they taste like. it seems like you could skin them like a catfish and fry'em in flour. any advice? thanks
Be careful, I think some eels you are not allowed to keep or fish for.
they are the small ones in the tide pools.
I wish I took pictures of the eels I caught in my crab cage to see if they are the same you talking about. I'm not going to be happy if they are illegal to kill because we left the ones that fell out for the seagulls. Now I kind of feel like it is my duty to find out and then right about it here. Ah looks like I’m going crabbing again.
You can keep those monkey-face eels, tho. Right? I mean peeps poke-pole for those.
I used to catch moray eels in Okinawa. We tried to BBQ one once. It was nasty.
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