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So I'm starting to do a little research on a fly rod, I won't have the money for another month or so but I thought I'd start researching it at 5:00a.m. this morning while I should be getting ready for my day on the water. What do you guys know about Echo rods, specifically the Solo series of rods? I had never even heard of Echo until a few days ago and then also heard about them last night.
echo is a reputable rod company. their blanks are designed by tim rajeff, who used to design for loomis.

anyway, i'm not too familiar with one handed rods, but i know the solo is their more affordable line of rods. they are located in vancouver and has a no question asked warranty. the other company that has similar quality/price range and warranty is tfo.

i don't think you can go wrong with echo.
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I have an Echo Carbon, 3 weight and find it to be an excellent rod. I'd recommend visiting a fly shop who carries the Echo series and try casting some before making a purchase so you get the one you really like.

X 2. But, like Ninja mentioned...also try out the TFO rods. I ogled some TFO's a few months ago, at the fly shop in Lebanon. They seem like very good quality for the price.

It wouldn't hurt to compare both brands (and maybe one or two others), before making a final choice.
Been impressed by the ones I've wiggled and jiggled at the fly shops, wouldn't mind having one really. I loved my TFO Signature 2 weight - so I'd compare between the two to see which one you like better. TFO's are good stuff.
Ha! I knew we would get you jay!...

So Ive seen this question quite a bit lately on the forum, I shy away from actualy recommending rods, but last week I cast absolutely hands down the finest flyrod for the money available. The Flyshop in redding has a model called the signiture series
H2o, all are 9 ft, there is the 4 piece 4 wt Hat Creek, the 4 piece 5 wt Fall River, 4 piece 6 wt Sacramento, 4 piece 7 wt Trinity, and the 4 piece 8 wt Mad River... they are all medium action rods and great for begginers, at 9' they all should do a fine job of protecting your tippet... and they are built specially for the FlyShop by a very impressive rod builder... and only $129.00... yes... $129.00, and heres the real ball kicker... they all come with a 5th spare tip section! and a 5 segmented rod case.... a nd a lifetime no questions asked gaurantee.. so if you step on it stoned and break all five pieces into ten... they will give you a new one for $25.00... and if you break it in only one spot... free, I cast the Fall River model last week, using mastery line and it felt like a sage... but it doesn't look as good as a Thomas&Thomas. If you want one let me know and I can get you another 15% off that $129.00.............. Brad THE FLY SHOP - FLY FISHING EQUIPMENT, GUIDE SERVICES, AND INTERNATIONAL FLY FISHING TRIPS
But I have to admit, I walk with cane, write with graphite..... and fish with glass;)
Right on guys thanks for the input! I've been wanting a decent fly rod for a while now. I've got a little 5/6wt junk rod I got as a kid but that aint gonna cut it. I see that both Echo and The Fly Shop H2O both have a good warranty, what about TFO? I really like the fact that the h2o comes with an extra tip, that right there is cool!
beaverfan said:
I see that both Echo and The Fly Shop H2O both have a good warranty, what about TFO? I really like the fact that the h2o comes with an extra tip, that right there is cool!

tfo has the same no fault warranty. $25 gets you any repair/new - but they're in texas, so the turnaround is a little longer than echo (in vanc, wa). broke one section of my rod, went to the site, filled in a form, packed up the rod and sent it in with a check... got it back 3 days later and it's good as new. and it was a used rod i bought from ebay...
I just purchased an Echo Solo. It is a 9' 5wt 3piece rod. I am loving it!! Granted it is my very first fly rod ever. I did about 6 months of good research before I finally decided on the Echo Solo. I was about to go with a TFO but then tried out the Echo Solo. I liked it much more.

The price was one of the big selling points for me!!!

I was able to use it out on the water for the first time yesterday at a local pond and I really enjoyed it. Not too hard to get comfortable with!!!

My recommendation, if it is worth anything, would be to test out the Echo Solo. You won't go wrong if you get it and you could always get a "better" rod later!!!!

Just my $0.02.

Just wanted to add that the no questions asked warranty is not just limited to G.Loomis and TFO. Sage, Winston, etc. Most higher quality rod manufacturers offer this kind of warranty. You should go cast one somewhere before you buy. Just to make sure that it is a good fit. Personally, i find Echo rods to be a bit slow action wise for my taste and/or current casting abilities. A great looking rod though and the guys in the various shops that sell them sure to seem to like em a lot.
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