East Lake kokanee

I'm trying to get in one last Kokanee trip for the season and was thinking about hitting up East Lake. I've never targeted kokanee there - any suggestions? Not looking for secret spots, but any general advice on location, hardware or tactics would be really helpful. I'm setup for trolling and jigging. Thanks in advance!
Everything is working. Trolling 35-50 ft works in deep water. Sunrise hoochies and pink Jigging by the slid has been great and trolling on the north side is best but the weeds floating around can be a nuisance, paulina is a lot cleaner. Orange was the hot color 2days ago.
Thanks! I'll head there early tomorrow to try to pickup the morning bite.
How did you do?
I'm still figuring out East Lake. Hit the water at around 6:45, fished for 5 hours and only landed 3. We missed another 5. Mostly fishing the NW corner, trolling around 40-60'. Quite a few other boats were fishing too. The few that we did land were big and still silver, no blush.
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