Dodge Park Fishing

I'm pretty new to Steelhead fishing and would appreciate a few pointers. I'm familiar with Plunking, Float Bober fishing and jigging. I'm interested in what you think the best techniques is for fishing Steelhead around Dodge park? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I'm thinking of float bober with a pink worm???
Welcome to the forums.

Dodge park is a great place to refine your angling skillz. It's also a great measuring stick towards how many fish are in the system and on the move.

Dodge park proper has a sweet long drift along it's length. you can in theory start at one end make 10 casts, move down 3' make 10 casts, move 3' and so on until you've covered it from the slot below the bridge down to the riffles at the tail out.

Your best shot at a Steelhead would be in the lower 1/3 of the drift. As you mentioned floating a slip jig set up is productive as well as dead drifting small corkies/ yarn flies with a 24" leader, a touch of lead & 1/0 hooks.

Sand & coon shrimp along with roe are good to drift as well.

The Sandy is still running cold so spinners aren't as productive as they will become later in the year.

The pink worm jigger thing is an option too.
I roll spinners under the Bridge, on the slopeed bank opposite Dodge Park, and I'm nailing huge numbers of Summers, and almost all have been finned. Don't know if that means anything, as it is not a particular stretch I know very well, but I do hook fish in there. Water is cold, but there are at least a few in that drift almost every time I mosey that direction and fish it. Use heavy, #3, and #4 spinners, and fish 'em on the bottom. No more than 25-30 feet out from "Goose Poop Slope." Also, from the Garbage Hole, up as far as you can see before the bend, is good drift water. Always fish in there, just a matter of where.
Well at least i know im starting to know what good holding water looks like... I love that drift above te garbage hole it just has always looked like good steelhead water!!!!
that's the first step is finding water where the fish hold:clap:
Thanks for all the advice. Can't wait to see that Chrome.
good luck out there
Hey Guys, New to the forum.
Long story short dad is disabled and i m looking for a guide that would be willing to take him/me on the sandy or Clack. His legs are weak and has a hard time keeping his balance. Any ideas? And to go with this forum i love fishing Dodge park myself.

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