Diamond Trip was a great trip

Well we went to Diamond Lake Aug 28-31st. Had all types of weather. Saturday when we got there it was cold and raining. The forest service guy said it was snowing 3 miles up the road. Went fishing and got thrown all over the lake. Didn't catch much. Sunday there was a window of good weahter and cuaght the famous Diamond Lake Trout in about 30 ft of water. They were all between 15" & 19". Real fatties. I will have a few pics when my daughter gets home and sends them to me. Caught pleanty of fish all the days, but Monday it was raining hard and blowing about 30 MPH. We didn't take the boat out. There was only 1 boat out and it was about a 24' cabin cruiser. It was a dark day and quit raining about 3:00 PM but was very dark and overcast. Went to the fishing pier they put in and caught a limit from the bank. Same size as before. Got one snake of a trout. It was real long, close to 20" but very skinny. Threw all but 2 back, as we could catch fish anytime we wanted and I didn't want a limit, just to show I could do it. Tuesday, the day we were gong to come home was blue bird weather. Everyone caught fish. Again all 15-19". A lot were 2 lb or more as they were wide fish. Nice dark pink meat. We caught a couple on worms with shrimp scent on it, and the rest on power bait with shrimp scent on it. The shrimp scent did seem to make a differance. We just tried to stay in the 28-34' of water when in the boat. From the bank I just casted as far as I could with a medium slip sinker on. Great trip, never seen the bad weather like that. At one time it felt like we were at the ocean because you could see no banks of the lake because of fog. I will post some photos showing a few of our fish and I have some nice photos of the fishing pier they put in. there were no Moquitos, and kids were having a great time fishing off the bank and the pier too. Just so people know it is 2 hours and 45 minutes from my house in Eugene to the lake. Tight Lines, Dan
Thanks for the great report. I will be heading there this month. I like September there the best since there usually doesn't seem to be mosquitos. Can't wait to get up there! Where is this fishing pier you mentioned?
Sounds fun!
What we call the fishing pier is on the left side of the public boat landing close to the Boat House at the resort. They have put a nice flat concrete top of a rock jetty that was there and even have a bench on the end of it. They must of had a railing on it at one time, and removed it. Now the holes that held the legs to hold up the railing are perfect pole holders. I had best luck on the farthest half of it. A family told me they caught a nice batch from the closest end the day before we got there. It is a very safe place to fish. I didn't fish on the side that boats launch, but there should be fish there too. Good luck on your trip, Tight Lines, Dan
Thanks Dan. I thought that might be where you were talking about. It would be nice to have another option if the wind gets too much out on the lake.
Throbbit _Shane
I plan on going up there soon in my pontoon. But im gonna get a anchor and waders first lol :D

Gonna put powerbait on one rod and cast some type of a lure with the other. or maybe some flys.

Thanks for the report!
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