DeWalt T-Stak tackle box

Got tired of Plano 3700 Boxes laying horizontally in the box I use for my kayak. If you need the bottom one, it's a pain to drag out without everything on top sliding out.

I have a collection of DeWalt TStak boxes I use in the garage, and a Plano 3700 fits perfectly upright/vertically, and I can add secondary boxes or drawers. Only downside so far is the color, the black will heat up quick in the sun.

Had to add a divider. Cutting Board/Plastic would be ideal, but I don't have any around.

I added holes for weight reduction but made them too big IMO. Spools and such fall through it. I'll make another if it's an issue.


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Definitely gonna check these out. Looks a lot better than my milk crate. I'm thinking a couple vertical rod holders on the sides and some small D rings to lash it down. Thanks for posting. Love the DIY stuff.


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No problem bud!

Before you order, look into Craftsman Verastak. Exact same thing but a red colored top and cheaper because it doesn't say DeWalt. Your local Lowes might have them now that they own the rights to Craftsman.

(Stanley Black and Decker owns Craftsman and DeWalt)

Some people buy the T-Stak or Verstack Drawers and mount them under their seat, it doesn't quite fit under mine but it definitely fits under hobie seats.

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