Has anybody been up to Detroit yet this year? Thinking about going next weekend
Waiting for a nice sunny day myself.
Yes, about 3 weeks ago. I couldn't get my car down to my usual spot due to snow, so I ended up getting skunked at Big Cliff just below Detroit. I am looking forward to getting back soon though. I haven't seen it with higher water levels yet. It has always been -90 to -120 ft below conservation level when I am there.
Can you get a boat in anywhere?
More snow is predicted for this weekend and Monday.
Just drove past it. Upper docks are still on dry land so may not be worth a drive just yet. They are keeping it low in lieu of run off.
This is my favorite time of year to hit Detroit. The kokes are up high and the trout in the lake are holdovers, not stockers. I went a month or so back, there was 6 inches of ice on the parking lot but the access road and low water ramp were bare.
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Good deal thanks. Is the ramp you're talking about the first one you come to
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