Detroit fun Saturday

Went out to the lake on Saturday morning. Started trolling about 9:00 am and got bit immedetialy. It went on that way until I quit at about 2:30. it was one of those silly fishing days when they will bite anything you throw at them and at any depth. Besides trolling I stopped and casted to boils, drifted a worm etc. Lost count of how many trout I caught but probably released 30 fish along with three kings and one koke-all very small.
Tried down deeper where I was marking some larger fish at 50-70 feet but only one taker down there. All in all a great day with the sun shining and had the lake to myself for the most part.
Sounds funs! so what took down with them pigs?
Coho Kid


I'd like to know what the kings were hitting on, and if they were any good size or quality? I'd heard it was a worth while fishery, but have only been there for trout on the Breitenbush Arm.
The taker at 55' was a 14" bow. The kings were maybe all of 8" but beautiful fish. 2 kings on an opaque white needlfish and one on an apex. Was told by a friend that drifting bait near the dam in deeper water will produce the larger holdovers??? Will have to try again. I was all around the island in both arms.
with as low as the lake is,,the closer to the dam will hold bigger fish
Sounds like a nice day all around.

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