Dead and dying perch

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Everytime I've been out on Haag lake in the last month or so I have seen a lot of perch floating on the water, most are dead , a few are still alive, but certainly dying. Anyone know why? And why is it only the perch? Haven't seen any dead bass, crappie, bluegills or trout.
Don't know for sure, but do they croak after they spawn? Or, did they just party too much last night?

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Sometimes a pond or a lake will have a turnover (some fish of one species or more will die). It could be caused by many things, even a virus, disease, contamination,etc etc etc.

I know of a couple ponds every 5-6 years i've seen an unnormal amount of dead fish there.

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ive heard a couple things too, ive heard that perch are in a way like crawdad, if they are in there then the water is healthy......but ive also heard that its just a part of the circle, they could have had a really really good spawn and just made space
I was out today on Hagg and noticed the same thing.
it happened a few years ago and dfw said it was natural for the males to die off.
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