Dayton boat launch to Yamhill locks



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Looking to take the wife out on the canoe and spend a few hours on the water celebrating 10 years of marriage near the end of August. Wondering if anyone knows the millage from Dayton Boat Launch to the Locks and how long it might take round trip via canoe if anyone has made that trip?
It's just a little over 2 miles from Dayton launch to Yamhill Locks. Water is very slow, and if you paddle a steady 2 mph you could easily do it in 2 hours or so.


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Fished the locks from my canoe today took my 11 year old daughter. In about 3 hrs landed 5 shown was the biggest smallie. Odly it was an accident I was showing my daughter how to set a hook after she just lost one I jerked and BAM there it was. 14 inches was actually pretty fat prolly 1.5 pnds



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That is awesome and funny. I have never fished that river. I think about it every year but I have never made it down there. Thanks for the report!

Also, for anyone who is interested, I measured the distances using Google Maps and it looks like it is 2.5miles from Dayton to Yamhill locks and 4.8 miles from Dayton to the Willamette.
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