Day gone right!

Morning bite turned into all day bite. several big fish. 3 in pic came from same hole. 4, 3 and 2 lb fish all on 6 lb line. Caught about 60 small mouth on variety of soft plastics. gulps and sinkos any color attached to jigs and slip sinkers. so get out there and get some this weekend.
I miss fishing up there so much :( Good catch on the smallies!
What a nice catch!
We estimate that we caught over 250 fish in three days, but who is counting....oh yeah my cousin and I, it's always a competition b/t us. He won biggest fish, I won smallest and most caught, and he won most number of trash fish caught on a crawfish. Senkos were the winning bait, 4 inch, yellow/green with sparkles!
Sure sounds like fun!
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