D to the A!

rippin fish lips
1st three are my friend bills steelheads.






Beautiful day and nice pics. Way to go!

BTW, was that last one the bait? LOL
rippin fish lips
Thanks i got another pic to put up from what i got today, and no that little guy hit a 1/4 oz thomas spoon as big as him!
Wow, you did really well. Good Job.
Finneus Polebender
My stepsons have nailed four in the last couple days there and hooked 3 times that many they are really in there thick right now nice fishs dude!
a lot of fish there that "turn on" with the rain. AND, there will be fish that have held up in the cooler waters of the tribs that are closer to willy falls that will finally come up. I was off saturday and i kept toying with the idea of a town run float. I didn't...Now that's the height of laziness : ( Great fish and GREAT pics ! That first pic should go on the headliner board.
rippin fish lips
Yeah!!! i went out today bankin it at day island park, saw one jump, saw one chase my lure, and hooked a 28 incher that ingulfed my spinner and fogt for about 10 minutes. ill post a thread about it tomorrow or whenever it gets put on the computer. Throwin them in the brine tomorrow to be smoked!! there isn't anything in the town run at all! :D
:clap::clap:Good Job! Nice pics and those are some beauty's!

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