Craziest day plunking for springers yet...

The Nothing
and not in a good way. I've got a lil spot I've been plunking from the last two days on the big C. I get to sit and watch everything trolling around I5 and smile and wave. Can't say I did much of that today.

Couple hours into things I go to rebait for my 3rd time. Not really knowing what i'm doing, i've been alternating between shrimp & eggs and anchovies on a mooching rig.

I just start into my cast and *SNAP*

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Doh. That's what a blown up Lami Surf King looks like. I felt sick. Never broke a rod, and certainly not while casting.

I pack everything up, run home to grab my receipt, and take my busted up, 3 week old rod to Lamiglas. They tell me right away that I broke it because it wasn't seated, and it snapped under load because that area isn't made to take any type of load. BS. I mark my rods so that I can see when they're seated (lower mark is gone completely). I wet things down before I put them together. There's no arguing with them, and they take the last $35 i had to give me a new half of a rod. Joy.

Only got another hour or so of fishing in before i had to call it done... lame...

Definitely wasn't impressed by anything today, especially Lamiglas customer service...
Wow never broken a rod, I think i've gone through 3 since december. Sorry to hear ya had a bad day, but there's plenty more days in the run. Although maybe not many for you columbia guys.
I hear ya man.... Lama-Snap I'm on my 3rd lama-snap since last fall. The 1st broke below the 3rd guide and other two spit up the ceramics at the tip.

Luckly all 3 have been replaced @ n/c but it's still no fun to have to end an adventure short and scurry around to pick up a replacement.

If I have a failure again, I am done with em.
Mr. B


Don't' feel bad. I broke tow in one day landing fish from a boat. I wasn't even high sticking either. Grabbed my Xtreme rod and no more problems.:doh:
That reallys sucks...

Usually Bi-Mart and Joe's will return rods no questions. Well I guess Joe's won't be anymore... Looks like I'll be buying my rods at Bi-Mart from now on.
That sucks man...

Havent broken a single rod yet. :D
I plunk for winter steelhead on the umpqua. Is it the same for salmon or is the gear a little different?
A leetle bit heavier... Much bigger if youre on a big river like the columbia

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