Crappie fishing (is it time?)



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Hey y'all! I'm new to this forum as well as fishing. I've never caught crappie and I don't have the slightest clue to where to find them around the Eugene area. I've heard Cottage Grove Lake is a good spot but is it too early to target them?


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Welcome to OFF.

This is the right time, to start hitting it. Fern Ridge Reservoir, is a good bet. Have heard of peeps who fish OFF of the Marina Docks, at night with jigs. Apparently the dock's lights attracts the fish.

The Long Tom River, also has lots of crappie. BELOW Fern Ridge. There are no crappie, above the Res. They like the brush / shrubs near the bank. One spot to try is below the break dam, at Monroe. There's a park near that bridge, on Hwy. 99. And a road that goes back, and along the river. May only be 4X4 accessible, until the mud dries. But you can still walk along and fish from the bank.

Once you hook one, unbutton it quickly. Then toss your jig back into the same pocket. They swim around in schools.

Let us know, how you do.


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Never had luck at Fern Ridge or Long Tom, though I know PK has fished crappie at Long Tom. I recommend the Cottage Grove Res by the dam. I get 5-10 fish within an hour sometimes.
I see all these the Long Tom is loaded with crappies.....any hints as to how to target these fish......that is a LONG river I live in Veneta and usually head to one of the reservoirs for crappies but it would be cool to drop the kayak in so.ewhere and go down or upstream and try for some....what would be a good starting point if ya dont mind sharing.....I know all about the show one and he shows one and so on....that is not me....and a private message will stay just that private......I tried to upload a pic of a nice 13" Male crappie all decked out in his spawning colors from today but it would not let me....thanks ya'll.


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