Columbia River sloughs


Is there good fishing the the sloughs (spelling) around Portland? At this point i am not sure what i would be going for but it would be nice to know w few locations and what i might find once i get there. Thanks
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Besides the fact that the water might make your skin melt off, yes, there are fish in there. Bass love the warmer water of the sloughs, and there are some bullhead catfish as well. Pikeminnow are also known to frequent the sloughs.
I've done really well fishing for bullheads, most are 6-8 inches but I've caught one or two as large as 12 inches. I don't eat the fish out of the slough so catching a bunch of small fish makes for an entertaining evening. I'm convinced the best way to fish the slough is with a canoe or kayak, there's really limited bank access along the slough. I don't have a boat so I have to really search for good places to fish. Under the 205 freeway has good access, there are a couple other spots I've found, that may or may not be on private property so I'd rather not post them publicly. If you're fishing for bullhead cats be aware that there are some interesting people who walk the trail along the slough at night, keep a flashlight handy and be alert. I've never felt threatened by anybody I've met at the slough, but like anywhere else in Portland, I wouldn't be suprised if one day I had to leave with less than I brought and I'm not talking about tackle.