Coho salmon fishing season

fishfor life
I am new to this forum and I would like to Know when is the Coho salmon start to show up on the upper Sandy by the fish Hatchery,any help or ideas will be nice....:think::think:
There should be a few in there the beginning of September.
You will want to fish for them starting at the mouth all the way up stopping by Dabney, Oxbow and Dodge parks(and any unprivate land you can find) In my opinion. Cedar creek hatchery during coho season becomes battlezone central and unless you are into that type of fishing it can be a bit overcrowded. I have had all my luck @ Oxbow w/coho, but those other place I mentioned produce good numbers too.
I haven't been able to get a stupid ho on my line at Oxbow the last two seasons :rolleyes:
The Tightest Line
Eagle creek is great too in July
fishfor life
Thank you, Thank you. I will give it a try when the time comes around....( tight lines and shoot straight)......
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