Clackamas River


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Hello fishing peeps I got a few questions for ya.

1)Ive never fished the clack before and was wondering if people fish below the north fork reservoir Or is it mainly above that river mill dam?

2)Also being new to salmon /steelhead fishing, would it be better to fish at the clackamette park (more down river) during this time or should I go more upriver towards mciver park area?

3) anyone have a guideline of how to know which part is good or how to follow fish by reading the counts? I have no idea what im doing 😂
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The Clack . was once a great salmon river , no more . Go to the Sandy , Oxbow Park , #4 spinners . Now would be good .

I have 40 yrs. of experience playing with salmon. Text your phone no. to me at [email protected] and I will fill you in.


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I went to the sandy at oxbow last weekend and saw a giant chrome spring chinook jump clear out of the water right in front of me.


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What scents do you guys recommend? I just bought Some procure herring super gel for my spinners not sure how they will do but I’m hoping good things lol.