Cheap charter for 2 people?

Can anyone recommend someone near newport for 2 people to go out and do some fishing for a few hours that is reasonable?
You get what you pay for! If you go with the cheapest possible charter your likely not gonna like the end result. There is something to be said for "value" but you need to weigh your options first. I would go with Newport Charter and Marina, I think he paid 65 for 5 hour charter trip. Not bad deal and he had great service!
I am going to try my luck off the south jetty this coming weekend. If I end up skunked though I am going to try to get out with NMS for a bottom fishing trip on Saturday. $65 is pretty good in my bock, you go south and you can pay 30-40% more for the same trip! :)
$65.00 sounds fair. Is that per person or for 2 people together?
I think I am going to try this out when I wake up. Does anyone know if I need to schedule ahead or if I can show up? If so do I need to be there by a certain time to catch that boat?
When I go out of Newport,I always go with Tradewinds...Not sure if there the cheepest but I personaly have never come away empty handed.The Captians and crew always make fishing fun...and to complete a good day on the water ,purchase a spot in a crab pot...I would recomend them to all...
I emailed NMS charters 2 days ago regarding going out this weekend and have yet to get a response. I emailed tradewinds and had a response in 4 minutes.. so I think you can guess who I will be going with this weekend. :) I still plan on fishing the jetty but I figure since I have NEVER been able to bring fish home from the ocean, I am going to double up and make sure I get to bring some meat home this time. :)
Throbbit _Shane
Good luck guys. Im gonna have to do a charter next time im at the coast. 65 bucks isn't that bad.
Hopefully I'll have some pictures and stories from this weekend. :) Am very much looking forward to hitting the ocean.. assuming the sunday storm doesn't blow in early... :)
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