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I am going to be up at Waldo Lk camping and riding my mountainbike next week. I always bring my inflatable raft so I can fish nearby Charlton Lk. I don't think it has been stocked in a while, but I know there are lots of trout in it. I have tried trolling or casting spinners and using a wooley-bugger behind a split-shot. I have caught just a few nice fish in the lake this way. In fact, I usually get skunked, even while fish are jumping around me like I am in a giant popcorn-popper. Does anyone know a better technique for getting these shy Charlton Lake trout to bite? I don't have a fly-rod. Any info on fishing small, high-elevation, crystal-clear lakes would help.


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Hey Chuck,

I was wondering if you could drop some "fly fishing in crystal clear high elevation lakes for brookie" knowledge on me. I will be camping for a week at waldo and would love to hit up some of the lakes in the area, Charlton included. Any lake recommendations and fly fishing technique recommendations would be great. Through and through, i'm a river and stream guy, new to lake fishing but have heard the lake brookies get massive (for brookie standards) up in the high elevation lakes. PM or reply would be appreciated!



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