Central to East Oregon Catfish?

leach laker
I'll be heading from Eugene to Wallowa country this summer. I've heard that Prineville res and some other spots hold cats. Anyone know if they are worthwhile targets? I know the far east resevoirs along the Idaho border hold'em, but I wondering if there is anywhere I can camp and nightfish along the way for them.

(Heading from Eugene, probably due East to John day and then north to Baker City...all negoitable of course)
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I assume your talking from shore not a boat? I would say the John Day River but I have no clue how to access it from shore. Does Lake Billy Chinook have Cats in it?
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As far as Prineville goes it has some bullhead catfish in it. The biggest I have caught was 14 inches. There is some great free camping on the Bend side of Prineville res. at Robert's landing. (Roberts something). I have seen pictures (in the Spray store) of some nice catfish caught at the town of Spray on the John Day. They were some larger channel cats.
Columbia River, Umatilla River (especially at the mouth), ponds in Umatilla and Hatrock, sloughs, Willow Creek Recreation Area (just south of I-84, but hard to get to).

Go to the snake you wont regret it.
leach laker
Thanks for the replies.....and yeah, it will be from shore.
All the lakes in the Prineville area hold yellow bellied bullhead and are fairly easy to catch.I spent a lot of time on the John Day River over there and yes there is nice channel cats in it.Might be a little early up by spray for them in numbers butdown lower by twicking ham bridge should be productive.The best bait we found on them there is rainbow power bait.
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