Carver Park 2-20-11

hello friends,
went to carver park today on an intended hope for steelhead fishing from the bank
threw a pink jig under a bobber most of the time and got nothing no action except from my temperamental real haha
switched over to a worm and lil weight and got into some sort of sucker fish ended up being at least a lil fun
water looked really clear i could see the rocks on the bottom pretty well and the flow was pretty good looking
just wanted to give a lil update of my feeble attempts and what was actually biting
good times all peace
Its been really slow on the Clack. Finding a good amount of fish on the Clack right now is feeble! Slow season so far! Keep trying and they will show up!
Lucky me.... had a wonderful day last time i went out... Between the three of us, we put 3 in the boat, released a native and two summers and between carver and riverside either i miss judge the beer or the fish but flat out missed one on a dunked bobber. they are around there is just SOOOOOOOOOOOO much pressure on them this year. It is incredible how many guides and recreational anglers are out in about every possible spot. Makes it very hard to find fish when they are all being caught. I think we will all have a lot better luck once the bite turns on in oregon city and all the guides move out of the clackamas. I think we should all plan and focus on the late winters and early summers who continue to be and will be die hard clackamas/eagle creek bank fishermen/women. Yes yes i know eagle creek doesn't get summers but as the water drops we can all move around the bank on the main river with a little more ease. With the pressure as high as it is now you have to be tricky... If you plan on fishing carver you want to have some weight under your bobber (just a tip) they dont hang out on the near side of the bank in my experience. There is incredibly too much traffic for me to fish there but you may be able to find one hangin on the far side if you give it a good shot. (i hope i didn't spill the beans on anyones honey hole, oooooops!)
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I just got my tags this year last year i had the basic and didn't catch anything any tips
Keep trying! It took me years before I caught my first steelhead. Watch the reports in the Steelhead section and find a fishing buddy who will show you the ropes. Being more active on the Forum will help as will going to a seminar or two. That's were I started 25 years ago when I first moved to Oregon. Don't be afraid to go where they are only catching native fish that have to be released either. It is better to catch and release than never to catch at all.

Thats right GD... any fish is a good fish at this point..... come on good weather and great waters.. I grow anxious
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