Carp!! And bluegill.

Havent posted a report on here for a while, feels good! Today I went to murrayhill and had some fun with carp and a few gills 2010-10-17 12.25.08.jpg2010-10-17 12.25.21.jpg2010-10-17 12.57.08.jpg2010-10-17 13.23.54.jpg2010-10-17 12.24.58.jpg2010-10-17 13.41.14.jpg2010-10-17 13.08.55.jpg
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Throbbit _Shane
what do u catch the carp on? dont think iv ever caught one. cool pictures!
nice work man, havent heard from u in a but
nice pics !!! where did you catch those??
Nice pics dude! Thanks for sharing!
Yeah Moe!
All fish were caught at murrayhill pond with nightcrawlers.
I've been to Murray Hill pond quite a bit myself, there are some nice sized bluegill in there. Best spot to fish is the super shallow end of the lake that's muddy, the part with the fountains doesn't hold many fish, it's really deep and clean. The muddy part is about 2-3 feet deep and is filled with carp, bluegill, and maybe something else?

Btw-Watch out if you're fishing with night crawlers. May hook one of the pet turtles that lives there :D
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Those are nice blues!
nice fish!
Is fishing really allowed there? I stopped by earlier to see, I just went to commonwealth instead. Maybe I'll go back there for an hour before I head back.
Yeah universalfishermatt, fishing is allowed there (as far as I can see). I went there daily for a couple hours for a month, nobody apprehended me or anything. Plus, there's no "no fishing signs". Also, I've encountered a few other fisherman there, and they didn't say it was illegal to fish there.
I am assuming you can keep the fish? Just curious, what is the usual limit for bass, bluegills etc? I know trout is 5/day and 10 in possession, what about the rest?
Ah, when I was there... I just got weird vibes Lol from people walking by or the people eating out back patio on the restaurants there were just staring at me. I'll have to hit it tomorrow! :D
montym said:
I am assuming you can keep the fish? Just curious, what is the usual limit for bass, bluegills etc? I know trout is 5/day and 10 in possession, what about the rest?

Bluegills have no limit on size or retention I believe, not sure on bass.
Murrayhill is managed by CMI and not a "park" so while it may be allowed, it could quickly not be allowed. All that has to happen is one business to complain and signs will go up. So be respectful, pack out your trash and be discreet if at all possible.

I only say all of this because I have fished there and had a lady yell at me because I could possibly hook a duck or turtle. She claimed I could not fish there. I did my homework and made some calls and got a "there are no rules that say you can't fish there, but there isn't anything that says you can", so again, play nice while there or very quickly no one will be allowed there.

I have picked up a lot of fishing line, bags, cans and seen a lot of trampled bushes.
I'm out there right now. I'm doing my best to give any pedestrians the right of way on the sidewalks and keeping my backpack and tackle box in a neat and tidy spot.
I went to try it today....but my daughter had to pee and I just left.....saw another guy there fishing....might be from this forum.......but no bites.....I was only there for about an hour
Kill the carp!
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