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Cabazon quota has been met.
I fish several times a year for rockfish with charters out of Newport or depot bay. The one fish I have not caught is a cabazon. Not that it is hard to catch, just been my nemesis... LOL.
fishing with my daughter That I hadn’t fished with for 20 years and I handed off my pole , only because I wanted her to reel up the first fish no matter who’s pole.... guess what, yup cabazon.... LOL


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I've now caught 5 from my kayak out of Sunset Bay but all between March and June, including one June 25 last year with Pepper on the back. I got several of my cabby fights on video and was able to do a quick and clean release on all but I sure am looking forward to chomping on some cabby after July 1, one of these years.

Simpson reef teal cabby-


@DG1959 I feel you!! I hit Pacific City with @Aervax last summer and landed this beast of a cabezon, by far my biggest. The mouth was almost big enough to put your head inside. Holding it for the picture we could all hear his crushers grinding away at the back of his throat. Very eerie. That puppy could do some damage if he wanted to! want to guess when cabezon closed because the annual limit had been met??? 2 days prior. Quite the bummer. They are my second favorite, right behind a quality ling. cabezon.jpg
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