Blue Fox

whats the best color combo blue fox? what have you had the best luck with?
Haha, you'll probably get as many answers as there are colors that are produced. As far as salmon, Im pretty sure I see my chartrues than anything, with nickle blade.

Stick any color in there face, and I bet they take it.:clap:
Agreed. Presentation is the key. Get it in front of 'em and hold on! And go deep and SLOW w/ spinners.
Johnny Southpaw
A lot of it depends on river conditions but all in all I've had great success with Blue/Silver and Chartreuse/Silver. I have friends who swear by green, pink and purple and every other color but ultimately, as Trouddude and RunWithSasquatch said:color is less important than presentation, so try and keep your spinner down and in their face and hold on! Good luck!
best to stick with the chrome or nickel blade? some are painted? or same rule apply wit the blade just presentation?
Chrome/nickel, some are even silver plated. Shiny blade, colored body. Sizes 3 & 4. Have a couple of both. Try to get a good view of the water and look for snags. Just reel it in slow so you feel that sweet vibration, be patient and hang on for the ride...
Not even gonna answer that one. because the answer today will be a different one the next time i fish with them.
Alls I know is that the new salmon series blue fox are way better than than the old school ones, a little more expensive but they are slayers and the quality is exceptional. Check them out
size 3or4? i was using size 6
You will know the hot color and size when you go shopping and every store is out of it :-( I'm shopping earlier next year. Thinking if we get silvers again i'll pull out my old trench coat and walk the banks. You know like the guy trying to sell you a watch on the streets of PDX :)
The most popular color combinations for the blue fox spinner are undoubtably silver/chartreuse & silver/pink. Presentation can be fine tuned using different sizes and models. The standard vibrax spinner is available in sizes 1-6, 5&6 being my favorite for salmon but will down size to a #4 if conditions dictate. For casting applications they work well in slow to no current and light wind. If your faced with strong current, heavy surf and wind then the Super Vibrax Salmon 33g is the answer. At 33 grams the lure weighs in at slighty over an ounce and is built with heavy gauge wire and components. The #6 willow leaf blade keeps the lure down deep and the heavy build keeps it running true. Even after several fish and the occasional brush off the rocks. If your fishing your spinner correctly you will often make contact with the bottom. This in turn will dull your hooks so check/hone often and you should be in business. When casting spinners in tide water you will some times encounter lots of vegetation suspended or floating in the water. When this happens I like to run a standard vibrax behind a bead chain banana weight with a 3-4' leader in between. The weight will catch most of the vegetation and keep your spinner running true. It also enables you to employ a standard blue fox in harsher conditions but it can be more challenging to cast. Thats why I prefer the super vibrex when not compeating with the vegetation.
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