Bill would allow tribes to kill salmon-eating sea lions

Bill Would Allow Tribes To Kill Salmon-Eating Sea Lions

Rob Manning | March 8, 2011 | Portland, OR

It could get easier to kill salmon-eating sea lions under a bill introduced Tuesday in Washington D.C. Some Northwest legislators and Indian tribes support the bill.

Washington’s Doc Hastings has proposed the Endangered Salmon Predation Prevention Act before.

This time, the bill is meant to address an appeals court ruling against the sea lion removal policy.

That policy had only allowed states to kill sea lions. The Hastings bill would allow tribes to do it, too.

That’s not the only reason it has the support of the Columbia River Inter-tribal Fish Commission, according to spokeswoman Sara Thompson.

Sara Thompson: “The proposed legislation essentially streamlines the process for granting that lethal removal to occur.”

The “streamlining” as Thompson calls it would grant permits to tribes to immediately capture or kill sea lions, if they’re spotted eating salmon.

The Humane Society of the United States won the sea lion court case against the federal government. The Humane Society hadn’t seen the new Hastings’ bill.

But an official said the organization generally opposes what she calls “scapegoating” sea lions for man-made salmon problems.

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:clap: I say lets gett'r done
beaverfan said:

I'd say some letters to our legislators are in order! Here's a link to the Find Your Legislators site.

Oregon State Legislature - Find Your Legislator

I sent the letter last week, but it was not in regards to the tribes getting involved.
The trouble with this bill is that the tribes really have now reason to kill the sea lions that are in the river. They don't/won't use the meat and don't need the hides.
It is not something the our local tribes have ever done. Now the coastal tribes might bite on it but I doubt any of the inland tribes will. They have never had any treaty rights and I don't think they want to become the scapegoat for the white man's problem.

Something definitely needs to be done about the invasive sea lions but I really believe it won't happen until another fish need to go on the ISL. There are just too many animal loving liberals who think that animals that breath air are more valuable that animals that swim with fins.

Just another $0.02
GDBrown said:
There are just too many animal loving liberals who think that animals that breath air are more valuable that animals that swim with fins.

Just another $0.02
Hey Im a animal lovin liberal but I still think a sea lions need to die.
I posted this one to the Oregonian's website today. "As the sea lion numbers in the rivers increase, it is only inevitable that someone gets hurt or killed during one these confrontations. The answer is to kill the offending sea lions, freeze them and airlift them to the areas where the polar ice cap has melted and the polar bears future is in jeopardy. Drop the carcasses on the ice and let the polar bears eat them. It's a win/win, PETA and the animal rights people should be able to get behind this idea, after all, polar bears are much more lovable than sea lions."
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That might just be a decent plan! They would have to figure out a way to keep them from expecting/relying too heavily on them but I'm sure that wouldn't be too hard.
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