Better late than never...

So, three weeks ago, my computer died:( But I could hardly be upset because earlier that day, Osmosis and I had a great day on the Sandy. He helped me land my first salmon ever, a bright chrome 6lb coho hen. I hooked up with two more fish after that, one of which was a big nook, that whooped my butt good before breaking off. Osmo landed 4 nooks, 3 URB's one of which was jack, and one bright fresh tule, all fish hooked with eggs under bobber. I failed to charge my brand new camera fully the night before, so no pics, sorry. But, I couldn't have posted them anyways!! Fast forward to last weekend, I finally landed a salmon on a spinner!! and a TCO none the less. She was native and a little dark, but that didn't diminish my feeling of success one bit.:D
Pretty fish!!!!!!:clap::clap:..Congrats!
Nice fish bro.. Glad ur catching some.
Woohoo, glad you boys found some chrome:clap:. nice work guys.
Looks like a nice fish to me. Glad to hear you've got the confidence built to catch fish. It's a downhill battle for the poor salmon now.
Johnny Southpaw
Nice fish and great pic! Keep 'em coming!
Nice fish dude, congrats!
very nice fish.

Unfortunately my fishing today got cancelled due to a sick kid... not puking, just has a fever and stomache ache.

I was going to go out this morning when the boy went to school and the wife went to work for the morning so I could be back home in time to pick wife up for an appointment.

Thanks guys! Osmosis said it best, CONFIDENCE! It makes all of the differance in the world to know that you are doing things right even if you are not catching fish at that moment. Now that I have, and know that I can, there is no fish I can't catch! Thanks again Osmosis, it would have taken a lot longer, and a lot more tackle, if it were not for all your generosity, patience, and knowledge.
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