Bethany Pond trout technique

What trout technique works well at Bethany pond?
For the trout fishing at Bethany, I haven't ever seen a trout caught out of the lake besides at prim time (right after they stocked it). I'm not saying they aren't in there, just that I haven't seen them.
Carp on the other hand have a pretty good population in there and they are fun. there is bass and pan fish as well in there.
Bethany has some nice 'hold over' fish... I've seen one over six pounds about 6 years ago. It is a problem to pry their mouths open, but they do bite.
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A few years ago my daughter caught a trout in Bethany in the fall while we were carp fishing. It was fat and healthy looking and we carefully released it. I was really surprised since I assumed the water temp would have been too warm in the summer for the fish to survive.
I fished Bethany pond last Saturday. I was using a whole nightcrawler hooked though the head. I was casting around the lillypads hoping for a bass. I had something pick the worm up and run with it twice but I coulnt get a hook set. Got a feeling it was a bluegill. I did see a few fish jump. One was at least 24" long. I had a feeling it was a carp.
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