Bellinger to Hayden Bridge?

rippin fish lips
I have never done this float yet and really want to and i have the chance to!.

How is this float?

The water from what i see from above hayden bridge looks good! i fished a few wholes above hayden and below bellinger and i love the way the water looks!

Any info and how it should be fished would be much appriciated.

Thanks, Tanner.
I just did that float yesterday as a matter of fact! (Bellinger to Hayden) I love that whole stretch from Hendricks down. It's a pretty long float, and with it getting darker sooner, you may want to think about breaking it in half and using the Bellinger Landing as a take out/launch . . . especially if you are a thorough fisherman. The water is in great shape right now and there are some big nates in there! Good luck!
Just be careful at hayden.. a lot of people with nothing better to do but break into your valuables...of course that goes for anywhere these days.. cheers,bob
I float the hendricks to hayden stretch in the summer. lots of good water and even a few small splits between bellinger and hayden. its about a 2hour float without any stops and really easy water to navigate. if you are just trying to fish above hayden then park behind the store and walk down under the bridge and head up stream. will need some waders to get above the rapid. then there is always the gravel road next to the bikepath were you can get out to were the slough hits the river or even up above that if you keep walking upstream. good luck man.
rippin fish lips
yeah i know the holdes where the rapids are right above the bridge and know the bellinger to hendricks float, i was thinkin about puttin in at hendricks. What is the best way to fish this stretch?
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