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The time is here! Bass are moving into the shallows and getting ready to make some love. Whats everyones favorite bed bait? Mine would have to be a white craw or a beaver style bait.


Drop-shot for sure. Makes it easy to drop and raise the bait. Caught this one the other day.


I've been focusing on shallow flats I find with my Navionics app and they are just starting to move up around here.



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I had success using a 4" Yellow lizard on the Umpqua. Also used an orange Fatty Z and bright colored Ned rig. Basically anything bright, so you can see it disappear when the bass takes it. Obviously this is when sight fishing the bed.


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Pulled a very stubborn 3 pounder off a bed yesterday with a black steelhead jig with a green w/ black fleck dubtail trailer. I was maybe 3 feet from him but he wouldnt leave no matter what. Took about 5 minutes of aggravating him before he hit but he took it up.


Found this my notebook for LGM Bass fishing in the '80s.

During the spawn, both the males & females are in pretty bad shape. The females will be resting in deeper water trying to get her strength back, and the males will be guarding the nest, and will not eat.
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