Bass fishing spots near Portland

Are there any good spots for bass fishing near Portland?
For shore fishing the rocky areas that are most productive can be a little grabby so I would not use anything expensive. A 4-12lb spinning rod with 8-10lb test is a good choice. I would mostly toss soft plastics. They are inexpensive and pretty easy to fish.

I would start with an unweighted 3" senko wacky rigged (I like the brownish colors, I think it is called cinnamon). Twitch it a lot, this does not have to be on the bottom and can act as a search bait to see if the fish are active.

I would also carry some jigheads (shaky heads work well) in 1/16, 1/8, 1/4oz sizes and use those with a small plastic craw, grub or tube. Try to match the weight to the current and the depth. Too little weight and you are not close to the bottom. Too...
Snake River
When I was a kid many years ago fishy mouth of Johnson Creek used to be great for largemouth bass early mornings or late evenings what are your best times now I hear that the smallmouth are taking over I’m talking about the late 50s and early 60s. back in those days are used to be a marina at the mouth of Johnson Creek there in the bass used to hang around those docs quite a bit also bring all the oaks park used to be good for a wide variety of panfishWhere the culvert Dumped into the river .
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Hooked Up said:
It's one more thing to carry but dog nail clippers make smooth cut without crushing the lead.

@Hooked Up I have to say that you are 100% right. I can't believe I suffered for so long. Our dog passed away a couple of years ago and I found the old clippers. I used them this weekend and they were amazing!! I spent a bunch of time trying to find this thread just so that I could thank you.

I also wanted to add that not only do they cut through leadcore like you are cutting through butter it is so easy to get the exact length that you want. When I did the bending technique length would vary quite a bit. Thanks for sharing that killer tip!!!

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