Bass fishing @ Lake Billy Chinook


I'm taking a weekend trip to LBC next weekend and am planning on doing some Kayak Fishing. Has anyone had success Bass fishing on that lake? I'm planning on doing some Kayak fishing. Any tips on what to use?


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I caught 100 small mouth bass there when I was a young teen with a size 4 red Gamakatsu hook.... In about 3 hours. Tell me that's not ridiculous. I think you'll be fine with whatever you use.


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Plenty of bass to catch, trying to get quality fish will be the challenge most of the bass are under 10".
Why are there so few decent smallies on Lake Billy? Seems like they have all the food that they could want.

Anyone know where the decent bass go in the summer. I am considering hauling the boat over there, but I’m only interested in catching bass.


Why are there so few decent smallies on Lake Billy? Seems like they have all the food that they could want.
That's a good question. I've wondered about it myself. Great rocky habitat to ambush craws. The temperature range should be fine. I don't know why the big ones are so rare.

There aren't a lot of flats, and vegetation in and around the lake is sparse. Most of the water drops off very quickly. So even though it's a large lake the amount of suitable habitat is relatively small.

If the kokes came in more contact with the smallmouth we would probably see much larger fish. I'm guessing they don't spend much time in the same areas.

The Columbia is fishing great this year if you can plan around the wind.


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If you go over the I have had my best around the Descutes arm of the lake and the main body of the lake.
Crooked arm above the bridge. Hour and a half before dusk is best, I use size 6 or 8 black or purple Woolley buggers, any leach pattern will work. They will hit spinners, rooster tails etc, at times A little power bait or worm helps. Bobber or no bobber, seems to make no difference. I would guess bass are at 3-10 feet. Keep moving you will find fish. The odd crappy or perch could happen. I use a fly rod and a spinning rig with a bobber. Can get hectic if you find them.

Don’t expect many large fish, tons of 6ish inchers, but still fun to catch.

While you are there, throw out a couple crawfish traps and let soak overnight, make sure water depth is 20-30 feet deep before you toss them out.