Barney Reservoir

Ever been? Any tips? I am thinking about hitting this reservoir sometime in the next few weeks, and my new favorite book, Complete Anglers Guide to Oregon, does not seem to list it for some reason and a friend has my Fishing in Oregon.

Well it's C&R only for trout and no bait so I'd say smaller spoons and spinners should work. You could also try a wooly bugger or something. Let us know how you do if you go, I've been wanting to check it out for a couple years now.
went there saturday just to scout it out reservoir is very very low. I heard they were letting out a bit to keep the stream flows up. There is tons of bank area to fish right now due to it being very low which is good if you wanted to fly fish. I did not measure the temp of the water but it felt pretty warm which would probably be a good indicator that the fish are off shore out in the deeper portions. If your not gonna bring some type of floatation device to get you out on the water I wouldn't waste my time imo. oh yeah also don't get locked in it is on weyerhauser lumber land they do allow public access but they recommend you get a key otherwise you may get there and the gate will be locked or you might be the last one out and get locked in.
I was also up there recently. I took the canoe at my daughter up on 7/2 and we had a great time. Chloe was excited because she got the coveted stern position in the canoe to practice steering.

A hard paddle across the wind left us on the west shore with a large hill breaking the wind. Chloe disembarked to explore the shore and capture newts. It was bright and sunny so I tossed spinners from the bank into the small coves not really expecting much action. While distracted by watching Osprey search for lunch I got a nice hit. I was so surprised I didn't get the hook set in time. I fished abit more with no bites and then Chloe and I had a nice lunch picnic style. Chloe's newt expedition had almost 30 in her net, while mine still hadn't see a trout by the time we headed back across.

On the way back I decided to troll a spinner. Evidently the trout liked Chloe's somewhat uneven and meandering path. Only a couple minutes of trolling hooked my very first cuttie. A nice fish in the 12 to 14 range! After a pic it was cool to see it melt into the deep under our boat.

Also, as far as access goes. According to the Weyerhaeuser hotline (1-888-741-5403) the gate coming up from Yamhill will be locked at the start of fire season. The season started on the 12th, so the gate should already be locked. If it's not, I would expect it to get locked 20 min after I passed it, if you know what I mean. That leaves the road up the Trask from Tillamook.

My first Cuttie! and on one of my own spinners. Black body, brass blade, bit of green tape ala Jed Davis.

A net full of newts.
True they say that the gate is to be locked, but in the last 5 years I have never seen that gate locked. The reason is they are required to allow access to public lands that are surrounded by private logging land. Also, when comming over from Tillamook, you get to Murphys Camp, then the gates are locked. Always unlocked on the tillamook side but once you crest the top at Murphys Camp, gates are locked and usually dont open till just before rifle deer season (fire dangers).
Last year in August the gate on the way up from Yamhill was locked.
Same this year.

I know this is an old post.

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