Barney Res.?

Has anyone fished this water? There is nothing here I can find about it and my uncle said he would only fish here back in his day... Tried to get up there last year only to find a gate. I hear its open this time of year though?


That really sucks! I fished it 5 times last year...some nice cutties in there. Wanted to take the new drift boat out on it this year.


Interesting read, thanks for sharing. Hopefully it will be back in working order soon. It really is a beautiful area up there, I have done a lot of exploring, camping up there in the early 2000's.


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Anyone fisher or accessed Barney res recently im thinkin of heading up from the yamhill side in 2 weeks but am curious if access or locked gates will be an issue


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The Tillamook side is open most of the time. Yamhill side is closed in yamhill and at fairchild bypass not sure about the other way.