Anyone want to help out

New to the eagle creek scene if someone would like to meet me up there or would like to give me any pointers via internet i could use it. went to fish there yesterday (eagle creek, near estacada0 and went where i saw a yellow gate hiked into it there. and found a nice cliff.(no thanks) so drove up further and found a bridge with a nice deep hole. i succesfully did not catch anything yet again. but i did enjoy the scenery.
Scaling cliffs are the norm at the crick. You shoulda went on down there, there are some good holes and many ways down, not just the 1. For the rest of the season it`ll be small and dark after sun up and bright for the first hour. Drifting dominates the catch here. DO NOT only look in deep holes. With it so low they`ll be seeking oxygen with cover, pockets. I have a couple flies that are destroying the springer population up there. You don`t have to have a fly rod either, drift `em. Good luck and let me know if I can be of service. Damon
I went to bonnie lure park and saw tons of fish about 1-2 inches. Doees anyone know if they will get bigger and stay there or migrate to the clack?
Smolts heading to the Clack and then ocean.
I am headed to the creek tomorrow around 1 in the afternoon to see if i can at least spot some fish, i know that they are in there just not necessarily where to look. I will be at the hatchery around that time if you want someone to fish with fishy4. This low water thing has got me confussed as well, i know the strength of these fish from other water systems but know a heavy line will scare them off the bite, any advice for terminal gear for the creek? I have a 15lb leader on now but may adjust to 10 lb if needed, and am gonna try to work just yarn drifting.
Definitely go to 10 for leader and go dark on the yarn.
I saw one nice fish, gun metal looking so still in good shape. The only thing that sucked was it saw me too and quickly moved into some cover where I couldnt get a line of sight. Regardless I attempted to toss a few yarn balls through the white water where I assumed it was hiding. No luck. Nice looking fish though. Then made it down to the S turn in the creek with the tree over and saw a darky hanging in the bottom which i practically hit on the head with my lead and it still refused to move. With the creek so low, and the flow relatively low, i felt like i should have been using like a 6 inch leader? idk though, had a lot of issues with snaging as well even using a really small and light piece of lead (which also made casting difficult), just couldnt seem to get a good drift. I potentially see the benefits of using a fly rod in the creek. Gonna think about today and re-evaluate my approach and choice of gear for next time and attempt to be a lot more stealthy in my approach to water i consider may potentially hold a fish or two. And i forgot how much fun that hike out is! woah that kicked my butt.
Careful with yer leaders: 4. When angling for salmon or steelhead, (except in the ocean or as listed under Special Regulations for specific bodies of water)
the following regulations apply:
• Single-point hooks larger than 1-inch and multiple-point hooks larger than 9/16-inch gap are prohibited.
• All weight, if not part of a conventional lure, must be attached above the hooks. When using single-point hooks larger than
5/8‑inch gap or multiple-point hooks, the attachment of the weight must be 18 inches or more above uppermost hook.
Sounds like yer onto `em. I doubt if that good lookin fish was still in the exact area. Prolly moved 20 yards or so one way or the other. The one that wouldn`t move, won`t bite either.
Ill have to post my monster from last week and tomorrow will be my last day up there if i even go was told there were lots of darker fish and not many nice ones.... but who knows might go test my luck... or maybe go hit upper clack for summers.... not sure yet... kinda would like to see some tail walking i think
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