Any tips for the Necanicum River?

I'm in Cannon Beach for the weekend with some friends. Thinking of hitting the Necanicum in the morning for a couple of hours. I stopped by on the way down and figured I'd wade up stream from Klootchy Creek park. I've got gear for floating jigs and casting spinners.

Any tips or suggestions?
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I aways set up my pole the night before with who ever is coming with. Getting there early always seem to be a pluss. Just a matter of picking the type of gear you want to use.
Yesterday i stopped at Klootchy creek park and threw in a few spinners, I caught 2 native 'bows, both very small and of course catch and release even if they would have been Hawgs, When I got home I looked at the restrictions and as far as I can tell the river is closed until sept 1st. anyone know if that's accurate??? It seemed a great place to fish, and I was able to wade the water in my shorts with no problem. It does look like there are bait restrictions, but I wasn't gonna say anything to the guy worm fishing, mostly cuz I didn't know the regs for sure and looks like I may have been fishing illegal.?.?.?
It is closed for Steelhead and Salmon until September 1, but open for trout fishing. The trout fishing regulations for the region are

Streams: (including
tidewaters and
bays): Open
May 28-Oct. 31

The special regulation only apply to the Salmon and the Steelhead which are closed except for special regulations.

Hope that helps.
You sure they weren't Cutts instead? I've caught roughly 100 trout in there this summer, all sizes, and not one has been a rainbow.

The river is open to trout fishing until 9/1, then it opens up for the bigger fish (Nooks, Silvers, Steel)

I'm pretty sure bait isn't allowed until 9/1, but not positive. I always throw flies and spinners anyhow.
It's possible fish #2 was a cutt but the first one, 2 casts in on a silver panther martin was def. a native rainbow
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