Any striper fisherman on here?


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I think there are a few folks that do plus a lot interested. I saw a picture of a 30lb. caught in the Smith River (or was it Umpqua?) about a week ago. This is about the time of year for striper fishing down there. There is some information on this forum but , basically, it all takes place in the Umpqua, Smith, and Coquille Rivers and Coos Bay. They are occasionally caught in the surf by perch fisherman but that is kind of rare. There are not a lot in Oregon but some people in the know pursue them.


trolling swim baits, trout, shad. Based on what I know from the Colorado River fishing the boils (so epic)

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Just have to drive the lower river and look for people fishing. I have heard of some folks talk about the guard rail hole, don't know the location exactly but shouldn't be to hard to find. Striper fisherman are as closed lipped as it gets.


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on the smith , there is a hole called the 2 mile ,its oviously at the 2 mile marker on the lower smith , fish right off the rocks right there plunking bait or throwing plugs


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hey man, this is the crowd I've been looking for. I'm a striper fisherman whose home water is Lake Mead and the Colorado River--I'm moving to Coos Bay soon and want to work the smith river BADLY! Hope to meet some good people--is it common that people focus on pelagic striper??


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@ztubs "trolling swim baits, trout, shad. Based on what I know from the Colorado River fishing the boils (so epic)" Have you fished willow beach?? Good to see you know the colorado river striper!!


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not to many people fish for them any more , just because there just isnt many left and it is a hard fishery , night fishing is the best ,and the success rate is only about 10% its not like it was 20 years ago
2 mile was a good spot 10 years ago !
My cousin caught a 58 incher there one night
I also caught 2 nice 42 inchers off the boat ramp at noel ranch wayside this time of year.
Herring on the bottom just like sturgeon, bail open and clicker on, let em run with it.
We also used Bomber A plugs casting at night from a drift boat with an electric trolling motor in dead silence ( 16 mile mark )
Good luck
I've dabbled on the Connecticut River.
9" Sluggo

We would use them at night, jig, etc etc.

Here's a guy that uses no weight....a great method....

"sluggos are a great rig, however, you can't rig 'em as per directions on the package... the rubbah gets slid down the shank on a take and fouls the hook.. you reel it in and it's all bunged up at the bend of the hook... stripes take head first, so you need the hook at the head of the lure, as jonny says use a wide gap hook and hook it at the head from the bottom (round side) up about 1/2" ... cast easy, watch the hook hole as it gets ripped wider, before it rips thru, just snip or bite off the ripped section and rehook it.. they'll hit the 9" even down to the center grooves in length..

I use scissors to shape the head each time I cut it back.. keep it rounded for the random action that the fish like... cut it flat and work it like a popper, experiment with angles, down sloped makes it dig when twitched , upslope makes it pop to the surface on the twitch.... I like running them just subsurface... twitch and glide... or deaddrift twitch...

sluggos rule :!:

Sneak up at noise and plop a weightless Sluggo out there and wait....twitch.....wait....wait.....KABOOM!
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