Any help apreciated!!

I need any tips/techniques/spots/holes/etc. for coho. I went out to the sandy last week and fish were jumping the whole day at oxbow. I couldnt get a single bite though. I will be going again next weekend and really need some help on lures/baits too.:pray:
Hot Pink Rooster Tails always worked for me.

Good luck Moe.
Fresh eggs are killin `em on the Sandy. #4 spinners black, brass, purple. Good luck!!
Eggs spiners and time on the water man. Get your gear torwards the bottom of the river bed and I would head to some higher ground. Word through the grape vine right now is that good amount of the ones down low are natives.

Yes, I second the motion to use dark colored spinners. I've caught several 'nooks with black spinners in the same conditions that we have right now. So, they ought to work on Ho's too.
Be careful of those pesky private landowners....they could ruin your day unless you are half fish and can swim from hole to hole.
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