Any good crappie spots?



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Shout out to fellow OFFer SLO ( Slo ), for sending me some back issues of Fishing & Hunting News. So here's a Swan Island map, for you!


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Oh my God thanks you're the real MVP what question do you need a boat or a kayak to cast next to the ship walls?
I've caught quite a few around Bethany pond, it if full of them. You will been a small hook with a small worm, they will grab it all day. Crappie there are small though. There's large ones on the Gilbert River around the boat launch dock area. You can also walk upstream from the parking lot, I have seem schools of them there. Never tried to catch any, I go there for sturgeon. I am not sure if that area is open for fishing though. Most lakes on Sauvie also have them. How you doing with carp these days, I have not caught one in ages!
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