Any Bass lately?

Ughhhh....:(i have been waiting and waiting for the weather to warm, and the water is well. Any Luck anywhere during the cold months? Local like portland area?
i got one yesterday about a 2.5 lbr 41 degree water :shock: i wsnt expecting a fish but i thouhed the day out and got one first largemoth of 2010 jan,30th 2010
Throbbit _Shane
Congrats Colby on your first largemouth of the year. Did u catch it at the Expo ponds?

Im thinking about fishing the Rogue tomorrow.
Nice Colby, where did u catch it? And on what?
got it at the jackson county expo ponds in abotu 15 feet of water the water temp was in the very low 40's made it kinda sketchy for fishing :shock:i was inda surprised once i read the temp on my guage i thought i wouldnt even get a bite in that water granted it was the 4th time i have been there this month in my kickboat it was freeing but it was the only fish for january i just wanted to prove to myself that i can get bass any time any place where they are so thats why i was so dedicated to go out so many times in january it was kinda liek a new years resolution to challenge myself for bass in harsh winters now i know there is atleast a few fish active i will have more reports of bass i hope :) last year id dint get my first largmouth last year till early march but then again i didn't fish as much as early-----i got my first bass of the year at shasta it was a spotted bass witch is the most active bass species in cold water active in the low 40's largemouth prefer 50 and above so it was definitely a treat for me--------i got it on a shakeyhead fished real slow along the bottom

other good winter bass rigs for m in oregon : senko's-dropshots-jigs-tubes-occasionally ripbaits-shakeyheads-texas rigs all fished as slow as you can possibly stand :rolleyes: its a tough to go out there and do good but tough it out and there are bass in oregon that will hit in the tough winter conditions we have :D:D
My buddy and I fished green peter this past saturday. Water temp was a chilly 45 degrees, though we each did manage one bass, our first January bass so we were pretty pleased about that. He caught his on a dart jig head with a green tube, i caught mine drop shotting a 6 inch lizard. Both were caught in 15-20 feet of water. His was a really nice bass, abou ta 2 1/2-3 pounder, mine was a dink, probably around 12 inches.
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Bro we should go to Chinook for smallies sometime.
Yeah this weekend maybe saturday.
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