Abiqua Creek

Tried to find the upper Abiqua Creek again, but managed to find it right below Abiqua Falls. Saw three salmon/steelhead. I assume they were steelhead? I didn't know they made it all the way up to the falls. Two were in the pool at the base of the falls and one was in a pool a couple of hundred yards downstream. I saw a few spawning pits too.

I managed to pull out a couple of very nice 8-10" cutthroats. The falls are awesome, but I really want to fish above the falls. Next time I guess.

It was amazing out and for the first time in a long while, I brought my tripod and DSLR so I got some decent photos. I was afraid my Ford Escort wouldn't make it back up the road, it was pretty sketchy during most of the drive.

Abiqua Creek
There was a steelhead in this pool.



This is a stitched panorama of 6 different images.

This is a stitched panorama of 5 different images.

This is how I rock the Escort...

Go Escort Go! LOL I've been in many precarious places in years past, with my low to the ground Mazda's. Got high centered once...not fun. But, some nice peeps helped get me out.

NICE pic's. Well framed. You've taken pics before, aintcha?

P.S. Glad to see that you found Abiqua this time out.
I've been high centered once too, after making it through a creek I got stuck on the landslide after that...had to pry it off with a log. Most of my splash guard is gone but the oil pan is intact still. Ha. This car has been all over the Washington mountains, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, etc. and now I'm working on Oregon. I'd rather adventure in it with a buddy or two since it's so light with just a couple people we can get it out of most jams. Today I was by myself and was a little worried.

I THINK I know where to go to hit the upper Abiqua now, third time will hopefully be the charm.

I've got a pretty low end DSLR (Nikon D60) and was shooting with a lens I bought off eBay for $25 so I am definitely still learning about taking good images. I've been fooling around with it for about a year now.
Wow man; that is a pretty hearty auto you have. And you haven't lost the oil pan! LOL I'm glad that you got out of yesterday's pickle ok.

Your Nikon takes good shots (although I don't think that I've ever seen a Nikon NOT take good pics). Plus, you had framed those shots pretty nicely too.

Hope you're third trip up there is even more successful (and you still return w/ your oil pan intact). LOL
Quite the little gem of a spot down there huh? Used to have hardy fish runs up there - choke salmon n steelhead. ODFW has had several encounters with people netting the entire stream down by woodburn, and nearly wiped out the runs. It used to be there were countless spawners up there.... Kind of a bummer now they can be counted on both hands.

Good cutty fishin still? Fish in the upper basin are small, but scrappy!
I only fished about a 200 yard stretch, so only 3 pools. Managed to get 5 8-10" cutts and several smaller that were about the size of my spinner. Very pretty fish.
That car has some good stories to tell I'm sure! Through creeks and all. Don't let ODFW know though....they will try to make you buy one of those "invasive species" permits for $7, LOL ;)
Cool place
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