A simple little tip that will save you time and money

I have had a lot of problems with my skirted baits like spinnerbaits and buzzbaits with the little rubberband on the skirts braking. It seems like after just a little use the rubber band holding the skirt rots and you end up with strips of rubber all over your tackle box or boat.
I found a simple fix for this by taking a sandwich bag or garbage bag wire ties, striping the paper off and getting down to just the little wire. I wrap it over the rubberband twice and twist tie it in place. Then trim the wires off close. You can't hardly even see the wire and the skirts stay on for years with no problem. I do this mod to every new spinnerbait, buzzbait, and skirted jig I buy or make (I make most of my own baits) Since I started doing this 3 years ago I have not lost a single skirt
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Very awesome tip. Im not a bass fisherman but i will certainly pass on that tip to some of the peeps that are.
i take 50lb braid and tie it around a few times and dab a little super glue on it after it works well also
Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I don't fish much with skirted baits, I'll have to start just to try!
Bobby Brown
Great tips. I used to have the same problem with those little rotten bands! I used the old braid and superglue trick too and it works too. I like the idea of using the twist tie because I could just have some extra in my boat and fix the skirts quickly or even add other colors as needed.

Another tip that can save a LOT of money and MANY MANY MANY headaches is ....
never get married to a woman who hates bass fishing. :naughty:
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